Historical Fiction – Chains

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My class will begin reading Chains in January. There are a couple of things I think about, one the genre is Historical Fiction and two, it will be the longest book students have read so far during the school year.  I know from past experience that the length of the book will, at first, intimidate them.  In order to help …

MLK and Writing

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Making Connections Well, we are finally halfway through Martin Luther King Jr.’s biography! It feels like we’ve been reading this short book forever…and yet the students are not bored or in need of extra entertainment to stay engaged. They have taken the big ideas and the details to heart, searching each week in library for connecting texts and noticing protests …

author's craft

Author’s Craft, Background, and Vocabulary

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Things are happening in Room 211!  I’m excited to share a few recent experiences with you – and they all have to do with THINKING, which is my very favorite thing to see my students doing! Streams to the River, River to the Sea has offered great experiences in close reading and deep thinking.  Here are a few highlights: Author’s …

independent reading

Independent Reading and Free Reading

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When I’m meeting with small groups, my students are get this….. READING!!!! It is so great! All my students are reading books of their choice at their level. Some of my students are reading books such as Biscuit all the way to one of the books from the Goosebumps series. Making this happen in my classroom has been a long …

The Shiloh Unit of Study

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Beginning the Shiloh Unit We just finished the first quadrant of Shiloh!  My students are falling in love with this book and they are instantly getting strong feelings of dislike towards Judd.  This was a great time to make a connection between Castle in the Attic and Shiloh.  We already read Castles and have learned the evil ways of Alastor.  …

background knowledge janet

Background Knowledge in Streams

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One reason I love the third CIA unit for 4th grade, Streams to the River, River to the Sea, is the opportunity to integrate Social Studies content and skills throughout the book.  Students use skills like reading maps, making and using timelines, and of course learning about the explorers and Native Americans of the Northwest.  They will start using these …