Classroom Turn and Talk

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We just finished our first quadrant of Castles in the Attic and one of the most important parts in the first quadrant is setting up your routines for Turn and Talks.  You need to have this system set in place and agreed upon by your students.  As you know the beginning of the book has a lot of modeling and …

Building a Castle

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I had this great idea of having my students each build a castle of their own out of cardboard.  This first time idea of mine turned into a three week project that took up every extra inch of spare room in my class and I ran out of cardboard twice!  So it did take longer than I had planned, but …

Student Writing and Projects with Shiloh

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Shiloh Writing Two very exciting things have happened recently in our reading of Shiloh.  First, we reached the end of the first quadrant, so the students had their first opportunity to respond in writing individually, using the writing frame.  To make this a little more accessible to my students, who have very little prior experience with this type of writing, I …

cia poppy sarah linington

CIA: Poppy in Sarah Linington’s Class

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Beginning the CIA Unit We started the unit of study for Poppy after two weeks of Patricia Polacco practice with sentence stems, literary vocabulary, and talking about how character’s change. We are in the first quadrant, Collecting, of the CIA framework. After each lesson, the students practice the same strategy for half their independent reading time in a book I …

turn and talk sarah

Turn and Talk – or “My Read Aloud Nemesis”

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Turn and talk, a tool for accountable conversations in most classrooms, has been my hope and challenge since I was first introduced to it almost 10 years ago. It seemed like the answer to letting students share what they thought, also not take up too much instructional time, and give them an opportunity to practice conversation skills with peers. Then, …

Earthquake Terror and Close Reading

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Well, we are well into Earthquake Terror. I thought I would take some time to share some things I have done to enhance or get ready for teaching Earthquake Terror and small groups. On Day 8, which involves looking at outside text we not only read a few of the outside texts, but we also watch a short video that …

Classroom Setup – Janet Erickson

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My CIA Classroom The first full week of school is over, and the kids are already so excited about reading Shiloh!  It’s surprising how quickly students learn the routines of Read Aloud the ‘CIA way.’  Last weekend I made a list of reading partners, and introduced the “red and “blue” partner roles on Monday.  (Disclaimer – our school colors are …

classroom setup

Classroom Setup – Sarah Linington

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I have been waiting over two years for this moment—I finally get to implement C.I.A. in my own classroom! Since I have been modifying C.I.A. for small groups of students in Title and Special Education, I am familiar with the basics, but actually setting up my classroom in a way that will facilitate the best learning for my 3rd graders …

Earthquake Terror Unit of Study

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In 5th grade, our first CIA unit is Earthquake Terror written by Peg Kehret.  It is an exciting realistic fiction adventure story about a boy and his family who must survive a terrifying earthquake while camping on a deserted island.  I really enjoy this story and I think it is a great book to start with in September.  It eases …

Classroom Setup – Ryan Painter

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I have spent the final days of summer going over how I will start the year as we all normally do during those last sunny days.  This year will be a different experience for me as I start planning September.  I ended last year with the CIA training and completed one unit of study (Shiloh).  This year I will be …

Classroom Setup – Heidi

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I am excited to share with you my experiences with CIA. I have been using CIA in my classroom since December of 2011. I attended a class in Snohomish, and to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. What I didn’t realize is that one class would revolutionize the way I taught Reading. Let me start …

dawn smith classroom setup

Classroom Setup – Dawn Smith

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My Classroom Setup I’ve come to look at setting up my classroom as my chance to be an Interior Designer. I get to decide how my classroom will look and function to best meet the needs of the students and myself. This is especially true this year as I’ve moved to a new classroom, and I currently have 28 3rd …