Using Turn and Talk Stems Across the Globe

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Earlier this month, Bethany and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Macau near Hong Kong to work with teachers and English Language Learners in Hou Kong Premier School to learn many of the strategies of our C. I. A. curriculum. While there, we learned the power of turn and talk stems—a major part of the Read Side by Side …

Partner Turn and Talk – Heidi Finley

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As I work through the year with my students my Turn and Talk procedure evolves. In September I partner my students with who I think they could work well with. This allows me time to do assessments to find out what their reading abilities are. While reading the book Earthquake Terror I focus on using the Turn and Talk stems. …

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Turn and Talk – Hilary Cullen

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Sentence Stems The use of stems in my classroom has completely changed the way I look at student discourse. Before the use of stems I would always expect my students to turn and talk in the fashion of think-pair-share. Then I realized I kept getting frustrated because the students were not sharing their thinking the way I was expecting them …

Classroom Turn and Talk

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We just finished our first quadrant of Castles in the Attic and one of the most important parts in the first quadrant is setting up your routines for Turn and Talks.  You need to have this system set in place and agreed upon by your students.  As you know the beginning of the book has a lot of modeling and …

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Turn and Talk – or “My Read Aloud Nemesis”

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Turn and talk, a tool for accountable conversations in most classrooms, has been my hope and challenge since I was first introduced to it almost 10 years ago. It seemed like the answer to letting students share what they thought, also not take up too much instructional time, and give them an opportunity to practice conversation skills with peers. Then, …