Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards Initiative was launched in 2009 by state governors and commissioners of education in an effort to ensure that all students, regardless of where they live, graduate high school prepared for college and /or career.  Focusing on the most current comprehensive research in education, the design of standards for literacy and math began.

Meanwhile, Read Side by Side was in the beginning stages of research to build a curriculum that would motivate and inspire all students to become successful readers.  While the standards were not yet written, both the initiative leaders and our company leaders were looking at and responding to the same research.

The C.I.A. curricular materials are built on the examination of what makes a strongly literate citizen; students who are an open-minded and discerning independent readers, who have a strong base of content knowledge, who adapt and grow communication and reasoning skills, and who seek to understand other perspectives and cultures.   These values of the CCSS, as outlined in the document introduction, are the core values of our company and our materials.  These are the goals we seek to achieve.

How we get there is unique to our company.  We choose to reach this destination through a pathway that focuses on inspiring students to be life-long readers.  We know that when students choose to read their knowledge and vocabulary grows at leaps and bounds and that the amount of time spent reading correlates to achievement on any reading test.  So, our approach is grounded in what motivates students: collaboration with peers and the challenge of interesting and relevant texts and topics.

The C.I.A. materials are the perfect fit for any 21st century classroom.   Whether you are an educator in one of the 43 states who have adopted the CCSS, an educator for the international schools foundation using the CCSS standards, or are just interested in best practice in literacy, you will find that the C.I.A. materials will meet your curricular needs.