NCTE 2018 Conference

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Read Side by Side takes our vendor booth on the road to the NCTE 2018 conference in Houston, Texas!  This conference caters to middle school and high school English teachers.  We plan to entice them into our booth with the tagline—“Middle School Ready!”

Booth #119 “Middle School Ready!”

Once a student enters 3rdgrade, there are only 540 instructional days till that child enters middle school (6thgrade).  In middle school, students encounter textbook reading, assigned novels, and a lot of note-taking across the contents.  Some of the top concerns middle school teachers raise are that today’s students are not arriving with the stamina to read the novels and longer nonfiction that will be assigned to them.  Additionally, many lack the skills of reading to find the main ideas/details, or the author’s message and supporting evidences.

The Read Side by Side Reading Program tackles these concerns head-on with the way the program focuses on text selection to broaden students’ reading interest and increase students’ success with complex text.  While other programs on the market emphasize comprehension skills, the Read Side by Side Reading Program emphasizes motivation and volume of reading. Students use a text-structure approach to increase comprehension, a method that helps them organize and retain the information that they are reading.  The authentic habits of comprehension monitoring and applying fix-up strategies increase students’ independence with grade level and above texts. Motivation increases as students are assigned books that address the topics and themes middle-grade readers care about. In the program, students discover new reading interests.

Poster Session:  How a New Curriculum Enhances Reading Comprehension, Friday, November 15 @ 2:00pm

Throughout the 2017/2018 school years Dr. Peter Dewitz conducted an evaluation study comparing the read-aloud/book club approach (the Read Side by Side Reading Program) to the guided reading method in two school districts, one east coast and one west coast.  The results of this study will be showcased in his NCTE poster session!


Key questions explored in the evaluation study:

  • Will the read-aloud/book club method produce greater gains in comprehension and intrinsic motivation than guided reading?
  • How well does motivation and volume of reading predict growth in reading ability?
  • How well does comprehension predict growth in reading motivation?

The results of the study showed significant growth in both reading comprehension and intrinsic motivation in the read-aloud/book club model, as compared to the guided reading model.

We learned:

  • The read-aloud / book club approach yielded greater gains in comprehension than the guided reading approach.
  • The read-aloud / book club approach increased intrinsic motivation more than the guided reading approach.
  • Reading comprehension growth leads to growth in intrinsic motivation in either instructional condition.
  • Motivation and reading volume contribute to growth in reading comprehension and this was more likely in the read-aloud/book club approach.

Visit the Read Side by Side Booth #119

Live demos, give-away’s, and really cool people 🙂


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