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2016 marks a year of growth for our small but mighty company! Watching our finances go from red to black as we make our materials more marketable for district wide adoptions has been exciting! This year we welcomed public schools, charter schools, and private schools adopting the Read Side by Side Reading Materials (C. I. A.) for their comprehensive ELA program. Most exciting has been the positive responses from administrators, teachers, parents and students as they implement this program. Everyone agrees, The C. I. A. Units of Study get kids excited about reading, writing and learning in a way that no other program on the market can!

Why? Our new Director of Research, Peter Dewitz, reminds us that volume of reading matters in helping kids become smart, sophisticated readers. “The text, not the skills, needs to be the foreground of reading programs.” In the Read Side by Side program, students will read 10 novels each school year!

“Out with the old and in with the new” is the motto for 2017! Marketing will focus on helping schools and districts understand why there is a need to move away from the old way of teaching reading (basals, guided reading, reader’s workshop, and Daily 5) into a research-based design. Watch for our NEW leadership newsletter in 2017, NEW marketing materials for literacy adoptions, and NEW blog posts designed to help ELA committee’s in their decision making process.

Adventure will abound! Relationships with international schools, charter schools, and literacy organizations will take us all over the world in 2017. Our first stop? Austin, Texas to train teachers at Real Learning Academy to use our book club teacher’s guides in their classrooms. Next stop—China! We will spend a week on-boarding teachers in Macau as they adopt the C. I. A. Units of Study in a public school for English-speaking Chinese students. Finally, we will present in Orlando (fingers crossed) at the International Literacy Association conference.

To prepare for the growth, we continue to hire additional staff ensuring a high level of customer service for our clients. In 2016 we welcomed Kristina Rutledge, Operations Manager, and Peter Dewitz, Director of Research, to the office. In addition, we had our first summer staff, including Kyra Cundall, co-trainer, and Tyler Erickson, social media and client support.

Expanding our warehouse is a big project for 2017 as we make room for larger print runs and new product! In 2016 we completed the 3-5 curriculums, and will have 6th grade complete in early 2017. Additionally, we are working on an intervention program, and making plans for a writing supplement. Watch for more information throughout the year!


Written by Sarah Collinge

President and Founder
Read Side by Side Publications, LLC

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