Biography – Martin Luther King Jr., 3.3


This is the third in a series of five designed for third grade. The book Martin Luther King Jr., by Rob Lloyd Jones, was chosen for its subject matter and sensitive portrayal of the civil rights movement. Students will continue to think about right and wrong ways to solve conflict. They will understand that disagreements can be resolved through peaceful actions.  Click here to look inside!


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The C.I.A. units of study authored by Sarah Collinge expose all students to longer, more complex texts in instructional read-aloud. Each unit teaches a new approach to reading chapter books that motivates readers. This approach is outlined in the acronym C.I.A., which stands for collect, interpret, and apply.

C.I.A. Unit of Study: Biography – Martin Luther King Jr., 3.3 is the third unit in a series of five designed for third grade. Within this unit, you are provided with scripted lessons for instructional read-aloud that incorporate reading, writing, language, listening, and speaking standards. In addition, Sarah provides sample student work to use in guiding both your instruction and assessment.

When you utilize all five units in your classroom, you will be exposing students to a variety of genres and making reading, writing, and social studies connections across the school year. In addition, you will be explicitly teaching Common Core State Standards. You will be amazed at your students’ level of engagement as they master grade-level standards and read quality literature.