Martin Luther King Jr. Book Club Teacher’s Guide


This book club is to be paired with C.I.A. Unit of Study: Biography – Martin Luther King Jr., 3.3. This book club has three texts selected for third grade that match the genre and subject of the paired read-aloud, Martin Luther King Jr.. They are I Am Rosa Parks, written by Rosa Parks; Rosa Parks, written by Eloise Greenfield; and Rosa Parks (A True Book), written by Christine Taylor-Butler. All three books connect well to Martin Luther King Jr. by expanding students’ understanding of the civil rights movement and important leaders of that movement. Click here to look inside!

This 2017 reprint includes a new title Rosa Parks (A True Book) which replaces the title Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Pioneer from the 2015 print.  If you are seeking copies of the book Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Pioneer, please contact us directly to place your order.

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The C.I.A. book club teacher’s guides by Sarah Collinge provide teachers with a logical and inspired continuation and extension of lessons conveyed in C.I.A. units of study. In C.I.A. book clubs, students are able to practice and develop the reading strategies used in the C.I.A. read-aloud in a small-group setting. Because the C.I.A. approach follows a consistent pattern across texts, teachers are able to teach whole-class mini-lessons that benefit all students while still addressing the individualized needs of each small group.

Each guide outlines how to place students in appropriate groupings, manage the differentiated instruction block, and engage students in authentic oral and written response. Scripted lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and provide instruction for students who are below, on, and above grade-level standard in reading comprehension.

Collinge’s approach is highly effective and sustainable over time. Teachers will be amazed at how the C.I.A. approach simplifies the daily schedule, increases teacher efficacy, and increases students’ confidence as readers.