Reader’s Notebooks in 3rd Grade

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Reader’s notebooks are so important to the development of reading skills. I am always reminding my class that we should read like and investigator and write like a reporter. The reader’s notebook helps us with both of these things. With CIA, students have the opportunity to practice many different note taking skills. The notebook is a tool they can use to help them understand the text they are reading. I love when my students refer back to their read aloud reader’s notebook during indpendent reading time.

My students refer back to their whole group notebook to see how we used certain note taking skills to help with our comprehension. Such as the character t-chart, character list, setting map, etc. The reader’s notebook is an essential piece to developing long lasting reading skills.

In my reader’s notebooks I always include the CIA quadrant sheet in the front. This along with the quadrant posters on my wall my students can quickly reference back to what things are important to focus on in each quadrant. I also allow students to personalize their notebooks so they can take pride and ownership in their notebook. This year we just used duct tape. Next year, I intend to have them use pictures, stickers, magazine clippings and such to personalize it even more. Now that the school year has started I have found it hard for them to do this unless it is on their own.

This is a picture of the quadrant sheet in the front of the notebook.

I love that my students work is all inside their reading notebook. If I need to refer or connect back to previous work we have done it is all in one place. Students know that their best work is needed in their notebooks and that if they are absent they will need to make up the missing work. It is fun to look back at the end of the year and show the progress the students have made in their notebooks.

Written by Hilary Cullen — 3rd Grade Teacher

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