Esperanza Rising—A New Unit of Study in the Read Side by Side Reading Program!

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Get a sneak peak at C. I. A. Unit of Study, Historical Fiction—Esperanza Rising, 6.3 and download tools to help you prepare to teach this unit of study! Coming soon to the Read Side by Side store! Teachers, Thank you for waiting so patiently for the release of my last unit of study for sixth grade, Historical Fiction—Esperanza Rising! I …

Making Inferences: 6 Essential Strategies

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How do you help students make inferences while reading? Learn six essential strategies for inference generation that are sure to increase comprehension for even your most struggling readers! Reading comprehension is a process of construction where readers link ideas within and between sentences and connect ideas between paragraphs. Reading is also an integration process where readers use prior knowledge to …

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Glory Be: Charts and Vocabulary

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“But it was so much fun!” This was in response (from my most busy girl) to a very long catch-up reading session, after which I drooped and said, “Thank you for sticking with it today. That was a lot of work!” When she said that, I perked back up. She was right—it was fun! We co-created charts (we’re old hands …

Teaching Genre with Glory Be

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Glory Be Has Begun! After we came back from Spring Break, we started our final CIA unit of the school year, Glory Be. I was afraid that my students would have forgotten some of the important ideas that we had learned about segregation and the Civil Rights movement from our Martin Luther King Jr CIA unit. My class proved me …

Background Knowledge for Streams to the River

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We are starting Streams to the River this month just as we are finishing our Native American unit in Social Studies.  This year we studied the Pacific Coastal People in a Story Path.  This curriculum leads the students through an interactive story about the Native Americans in our region of Washington.  At the beginning of the unit the classroom creates …

Science Connections with Chains

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I am often looking for ways to help my students understand the time period of the Revolutionary War. Many years ago I stumbled upon a cartoon called Liberty’s Kids. This is a show that was created by PBS (Find it here on Amazon) . There are 60 episodes that tell the tale of this time period. There are two teenagers …

author's craft

Author’s Craft, Background, and Vocabulary

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Things are happening in Room 211!  I’m excited to share a few recent experiences with you – and they all have to do with THINKING, which is my very favorite thing to see my students doing! Streams to the River, River to the Sea has offered great experiences in close reading and deep thinking.  Here are a few highlights: Author’s …

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Background Knowledge in Streams

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One reason I love the third CIA unit for 4th grade, Streams to the River, River to the Sea, is the opportunity to integrate Social Studies content and skills throughout the book.  Students use skills like reading maps, making and using timelines, and of course learning about the explorers and Native Americans of the Northwest.  They will start using these …

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Building Background for Martin Luther King

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The third graders and I have been waiting excitedly to jump into our next CIA unit… Frustratingly, my actual start date of the Martin Luther King, Jr. biography unit kept getting pushed back, first as I gathered and prepared my materials, then as I fit it into our district unit of study in nonfiction, and finally as I stayed home …

Using Outside Text for Background Knowledge

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As we are starting our second unit this year (Shiloh) I try to pull in as many different resources that I can to help build the background knowledge for the students.  This helps everyone get a better understanding of the setting (time or place) of the story and help create any visuals needed to increase comprehension.  You can continue to …

Building Background Knowledge

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Building background knowledge depends on what my students already know and can do. At the beginning of the year, I give them a couple of surveys so I can get to know something about them fast. I also try to do an individual reading survey with them to get an idea of what they are currently reading and their likes …

Building Background Knowledge for MLK

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The Importance of Background Knowledge Over the winter break, I went to go see the movie The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug. I really enjoyed the movie a lot! I’ve read the book, The Hobbit, saw the cartoon version as a kid, and watched the first installment of the series the night before. I’ve also read and then watched …