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Writing for Glory Be

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My class has just finished reading our final CIA book of the year, Glory Be. As always, it is always bittersweet when we finish a book, but even more so with this book as it is the last time I was going to listen to the great discussions and ideas that my students have about a wonderful book. Spring seems …

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Glory Be: Charts and Vocabulary

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“But it was so much fun!” This was in response (from my most busy girl) to a very long catch-up reading session, after which I drooped and said, “Thank you for sticking with it today. That was a lot of work!” When she said that, I perked back up. She was right—it was fun! We co-created charts (we’re old hands …

Charts with Children of the Gold Rush

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This is my first time teaching 4.4, Children of the Gold Rush, and I’m really enjoying it! My students love the topic so far, and all the background knowledge-building has led to great questions about the time period, people, and geography of the Klondike/Alaskan gold rush. Prior to starting the unit, I made arrangements for a field trip to the …

Student Writing and Projects with Shiloh

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Shiloh Writing Two very exciting things have happened recently in our reading of Shiloh.  First, we reached the end of the first quadrant, so the students had their first opportunity to respond in writing individually, using the writing frame.  To make this a little more accessible to my students, who have very little prior experience with this type of writing, I …

Classroom Setup – Janet Erickson

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My CIA Classroom The first full week of school is over, and the kids are already so excited about reading Shiloh!  It’s surprising how quickly students learn the routines of Read Aloud the ‘CIA way.’  Last weekend I made a list of reading partners, and introduced the “red and “blue” partner roles on Monday.  (Disclaimer – our school colors are …

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Classroom Setup – Sarah Linington

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I have been waiting over two years for this moment—I finally get to implement C.I.A. in my own classroom! Since I have been modifying C.I.A. for small groups of students in Title and Special Education, I am familiar with the basics, but actually setting up my classroom in a way that will facilitate the best learning for my 3rd graders …