Why Books? — What Books Can Do That Passages Can’t

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In this blog article, Peter Dewitz explains, the goal of reading instruction is not to move from level to level, but to develop our appreciation and skill with written language, to learn to think, and to foster our humanity. Books can do this; passages can’t. In 1957 Don Parker took his tomato crate of color coded folders containing leveled fiction …

Making Inferences: 6 Essential Strategies

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How do you help students make inferences while reading? Learn six essential strategies for inference generation that are sure to increase comprehension for even your most struggling readers! Reading comprehension is a process of construction where readers link ideas within and between sentences and connect ideas between paragraphs. Reading is also an integration process where readers use prior knowledge to …

How Research Explains the Design of the Read Side by Side Reading Program

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What should you be looking for in a research based reading program?  In this blog, learn about how motivation, comprehension strategies, text structure, and transfer of training make the Read Side by Side Reading Program the perfect choice for your next reading adoption! Once a reader has developed fluent word recognition skills and begins to encounter harder and longer pieces …


Student Engagement

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Well, I sit here trying to figure out what to write about engagement. I have never used a curriculum or program for literacy that has captivated every 5th grader the way the CIA approach does. Whenever you use any other curriculum or program you really skim the surface of text. You might focus on a particular skill for week or …

conflict continuum

Using Charts to Help Comprehend Conflict

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Understanding Conflict Throughout Sarah’s units of study the discussion about conflict arises. I have realized the importance in the knowledge of what conflict is and different ways it can be solved. In my classroom mid-way through War with Grandpa, I will do an activity with my students using a word continuum for the word conflict. We will use register tape …