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Writing for Glory Be

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My class has just finished reading our final CIA book of the year, Glory Be. As always, it is always bittersweet when we finish a book, but even more so with this book as it is the last time I was going to listen to the great discussions and ideas that my students have about a wonderful book. Spring seems …

dark emperor

Supplementing Poppy with the Dark Emperor

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On the day of our Read-In, one student brought in a Poppy mouse she made with a rock by drawing on the face and tail and gluing pom-pom ears. Another student brought in an offering of acorns. We all got comfortable in our small gathering area and commenced to read. The students gasped. They cheered. Some reprimanded others for laughing …

Writing – Finishing Poppy

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Poppy is Over  🙁 Every single student in my classroom can now say that they have read a chapter book as we have finished reading Poppy. I’m not sure who is more bummed out, me or my students. I really enjoy all parts and days of CIA, but the Read In is probably one of my favorite days. For our …