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Book Clubs in 3rd Grade

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Forming the Groups When I heard that there were going to be book clubs that partnered up with the CIA books, I was more than excited to have my students to have a similar experience with book clubs that I’ve had. I decided to begin the book clubs the second week after Spring Break.  This gave me plenty of time to …

Fluency with Holes

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Recently, I was in a meeting with teachers from different grade levels and the Executive Director of Assessment and Student Learning. We were looking at my school’s 5th grade level reading assessments both from the state and district. We are working on coming up with ways to look at data and find ways to make a goal, plan, and a …

Partner Turn and Talk – Heidi Finley

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As I work through the year with my students my Turn and Talk procedure evolves. In September I partner my students with who I think they could work well with. This allows me time to do assessments to find out what their reading abilities are. While reading the book Earthquake Terror I focus on using the Turn and Talk stems. …