Esperanza Rising—A New Unit of Study in the Read Side by Side Reading Program!

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Get a sneak peak at C. I. A. Unit of Study, Historical Fiction—Esperanza Rising, 6.3 and download tools to help you prepare to teach this unit of study! Coming soon to the Read Side by Side store! Teachers, Thank you for waiting so patiently for the release of my last unit of study for sixth grade, Historical Fiction—Esperanza Rising! I …

charts glory be

Glory Be: Charts and Vocabulary

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“But it was so much fun!” This was in response (from my most busy girl) to a very long catch-up reading session, after which I drooped and said, “Thank you for sticking with it today. That was a lot of work!” When she said that, I perked back up. She was right—it was fun! We co-created charts (we’re old hands …

author's craft

Author’s Craft, Background, and Vocabulary

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Things are happening in Room 211!  I’m excited to share a few recent experiences with you – and they all have to do with THINKING, which is my very favorite thing to see my students doing! Streams to the River, River to the Sea has offered great experiences in close reading and deep thinking.  Here are a few highlights: Author’s …

background mlk

Building Background for Martin Luther King

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The third graders and I have been waiting excitedly to jump into our next CIA unit… Frustratingly, my actual start date of the Martin Luther King, Jr. biography unit kept getting pushed back, first as I gathered and prepared my materials, then as I fit it into our district unit of study in nonfiction, and finally as I stayed home …


Using Poppy to Grow as Readers and Writers

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The Dark Emperor Poppy allowed us to jump off into other aspects of the Reader’s Workshop: word choice, fluency, partner reading with purpose, and much more. In the time between finishing Poppy and winter break, we have been gleefully exploring the poetry collection Dark Emperor as our primary text (as suggested by Sarah Collinge at the last class I attended.) …

Vocab Handbooks

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One part of the CIA program that I really enjoy is the vocabulary handbooks.  This is a great way to teach new vocab words to students.  By introducing them to a word before they hear/read it in the text it really helps students with their comprehension.  This allows them to identify these words and how they are used in context …

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Turn and Talk – or “My Read Aloud Nemesis”

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Turn and talk, a tool for accountable conversations in most classrooms, has been my hope and challenge since I was first introduced to it almost 10 years ago. It seemed like the answer to letting students share what they thought, also not take up too much instructional time, and give them an opportunity to practice conversation skills with peers. Then, …

Earthquake Terror Unit of Study

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In 5th grade, our first CIA unit is Earthquake Terror written by Peg Kehret.  It is an exciting realistic fiction adventure story about a boy and his family who must survive a terrifying earthquake while camping on a deserted island.  I really enjoy this story and I think it is a great book to start with in September.  It eases …